Welcome to Daniel Todd Industries

DTI Precision Machining is a full service machining technology center. DTI maintains a dynamic approach to the ever changing needs of the customer by applying basic principals in a turn-key solution. The process begins with basic engineering, prototyping and then, ultimately, final production with quantities ranging from one to recurring thousand part runs.
DTI has adopted a dynamic approach to machine tool equipment by constantly adding and upgrading equipment and processes in order to maintain the highest possible standards that current customers of DTI have become accustomed to receiving.

Our Capabilities:

  • Precision Machining / Turning Manufacturing
  • Working materials include: Aluminum, steel, tool steel, stainless, brass, copper, plastics
  • Five vertical high speed cnc milling centers / two manual milling centers
  • Project engineering and design consultation on every project
  • High speed cnc turning center with live tooling and bar feeder / two manual precision lathes
  • Single prototyping to large recurring production runs
  • Precision welding elements including TIG and MIG
  • Quality control lab to insure continuous quality throughout production
  • Finishing services include: plating, anodizing and high polish
  • Reverse Engineering, CMM, Quality Inspection Reporting